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Calgary Videography

We provide high quality, high definition video for your website, or anywhere else you need it. Argentic Multimedia has the equipment and the expertise to create professional video at a fraction of the typical cost. Do you need a commercial? A screencast? A product demonstration? Argentic Multimedia knows what counts when it comes to video online, and we pay close attention to the important things that most amateur, and some "professional", videos neglect:

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High quality, distortion-free sound and music. No one likes a video that sounds like it was recorded in a cave. Our combination of wireless bluetooth microphones, shotgun and lapel microphones, and our professional voiceover microphone will make sure your audio sounds like it was recorded in the studio, every time. Our repository of rights-cleared and/or royalty-free music completes the package.
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We don't like to watch dark, grainy, or murky video either. With energy efficient yet high-powered LED light-arrays, we know how to manipulate lighting to show you and your message the best possible light.
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We use industry-leading editing software to cut and reassemble the raw footage into a masterpiece. Brevity is the soul of wit, and the secret to a successful online video. Your viewers are in a hurry, and we edit to omit long pauses or breaks in the action, delivering a final product that is both efficient and effective.